Everything about this is perfect.



Car is perfect.

Pose is perfect.

FREE DOM is perfect.

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10 Responses to Everything about this is perfect.

  1. bryon says:

    hey brian, i was gonna ask on zilvia, but id rather do it here, whats that video where taniguchi is driving the white s14, and okachan from yashio factory is putting suspension arms etc on one by one so he can see the difference, i want to see the part where he welds the washers to the subframe.


  2. bryon says:

    was at tskuba circuit

  3. bhworld says:

    I have no idear.

  4. dousan says:

    see how he welds washers?
    its not rocketscience
    make sure centered
    and weld in
    done and done.

  5. Justin N. says:

    Yes FREE DOM. Someone prease FREE DOM!

  6. Waider says:

    hey guy who want to see welding washers thing this is on the Drift tengoku video vol. 8

    Note that the guy took his shoes off to get on the windshield.

  7. Alexi says:

    I love Model 5…

  8. BH World says:

    one handed push ups on the hood that is bending.


  9. Logan says:

    DOM’s in jail?


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