Itoh Break 180sx ideas….




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9 Responses to Itoh Break 180sx ideas….

  1. SoSideways says:

    Oooooh… not so sure about how he mounted the harness… other than that, that’s pretty hawt…

  2. om1kronvrt says:

    look closer, not the harness but the two odd bars or tubes running in a v formation from the tranny hump behind the seats….

    wtf are those?

  3. bhworld says:

    Harnesses suck anyways…
    so do seatbelts.

    Omicrom got it right.

    Add on Safety21 bars.

    Maybe I’ll do that to my cage.
    Pretty cool.
    All bolt together too.

  4. BOXCAR says:

    thats awesome but are you gonna have the schweet Itoh glovebox guages?! Perhaps share the color scheme…?

  5. SoSideways says:

    I know what I was supposed to look at lol

    I was just saying his harness is mounted up all bad and stuff haha

    Those 2 bars seem like they would do the same thing as a Do-Luck RXB, but instead of bolting from left rocker panel to right rocker panel, it goes from left side of main hoop of cage to right side, and tying the trans tunnel to it.

    Isn’t the trans tunnel not that strong anyway? So maybe if he reinforced that part, it would be even stronger?

  6. bhworld says:

    I don’t know.
    I just think it looks cool.

  7. Om1kron says:

    if anything it’s not “bracing” the trans tunnel but it’s providing an equal force distribution to strengthen the mid arch bar’s distribution to the middle section of the chassis….

    kind of like a 3 point carbing strut bar… the strut bar will brace the two towers together but they can still flex / or \ adding the V to the _ minimizes the flex which in turn stabilizes better.

    I’m sure some physics junkie could’ve explained that better than me.

  8. bhworld says:

    I am REALLY mad I can’t figure out how to disable comments on certain posts.

  9. SoSideways says:

    It’s all good BH lol

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