Inose FC3S

Camera Phone “scan”

For Bruce!




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9 Responses to Inose FC3S

  1. bejota180sx says:

    i really want to learn to read that…

  2. s0apgun says:

    tire M7R front 215/40-17 rear 225/45-17
    wheels blitz original black center and case
    front TRD92 shock 12k rear nismo shock 10k
    cusco MZ type RZ
    nb apexi seal
    trust exhaust manifold
    td05 turbine
    original outlet pipe
    friends original titanium muffler type b
    friends original straight pipe
    friends original CPU
    friends original intercooler kit
    TBO front lip
    Rmagic side skirts and rear valence
    TBO bucket seat
    omori meter

    you’re welcome

  3. bhworld says:

    Thanks Soapman.
    You just earned yourself the job of Bh World translator!

    I took lots of “scans” tonight!

  4. Alexi says:

    “nb apexi seal”

    Should be “NB apex seal”

  5. Bruce says:


    TBO huh? I thought it was Lucky.

    Friends Racing – Inose’s FC is one of my classic favs.

  6. ilia says:

    That car was everything I wanted for about a year….

    Bruce, post pictures of your FC from 07, when it’s look was going that direction. 😀

  7. bejota180sx says:

    s0apgun, thanks for the translation
    now all want is to learn to read it myself instead of bothering people to translate every thing for me!

  8. s0apgun says:

    thanks alexi

    i was confused on that one

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