Yesterday I put the N1 vents in with epoxy. Looks good. Can’t wait to paint now.

Still have an issue with the e-brake.

I’ve fiddled with the adjustment nut on the handle and with the shoes a number of times and I still can’t seem to get it to lock hard enough. What the hell?

Drifting on the 15th!  YEAH!

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7 Responses to s13

  1. dousan says:

    back off on the handle locking a bit so u can tightned down later

    but ususally like i mentioned, adjust the drum wit the wheel off at that hole till its too tight, then back off a notch or two. do same on both sides
    adjust the handle nut next to snug it up to your liking

    thta usually does the trick
    and your shoes are new, might need some breaking in first maybe?

  2. BH World says:

    yeah that’s what I did.

    adjust until I can’t turn the rotor.
    then click it back one or two
    reinstall wheels.
    put car on ground.
    pull handle

    try to push car

    it moves a bit.


  3. bejota180sx says:

    like dousan said, maybe they need a breaking in first?

  4. dousan says:

    and your lines are new
    might need to stretch some before they are set as well
    all your stuff is new
    go driving around and pull the ebrake to slow down car a few times (not lock it up)
    break it in some. then adjust everything

  5. BH World says:

    I’ll give it a shot.

    When I adjust the nut on the handle, do I do it when the handle is up or when the handle is down?

  6. s0apgun says:

    digging the new top banner

    such a sweet picture

  7. BH World says:


    You were the first to mention it.

    KA vs. SR.

    almost as powerful as Dousan.

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