Cutting complete.



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10 Responses to Cutting complete.

  1. SoSideways says:

    Looks good BH!

    Can’t wait till you’re done with this beast.

    Didn’t you say you had the OEM option front lip?

  2. Roy says:

    Looks super hott! cant wait to see it with the front lip on. just wondering is there a front crashbar in the car still?

  3. BH World says:

    I have the lip sitting at home.
    I just haven’t had the desire to put it on yet.
    I’m gonna F it up if I drive around.

    I took out the bumper reinforcement.

  4. om1kronvrt says:

    looks rad man, cant wait to see it with the lip and paint!

  5. s0apgun says:


    gonna have to start all over

  6. s0apgun says:

    just kidding

    i love it

  7. dousan says:

    looks good
    will look way better when painted too
    you nail down your paitn color this time?
    i have some super sweet ideas
    ill scan and send to you tomorrow maybe
    but they are so 2001!

  8. bhworld says:

    Yeah I’m like 95% set on the colour.
    There is always SOMETHING that could change my mind, though.

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