Interior LOOKING.



I like it.

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16 Responses to Interior LOOKING.

  1. om1kronvrt says:

    do you have spacers on the bottom of your head unit to tilt it upwards more? I figured it was in a pretty crummy position to see to begin with, if so kudos.

  2. BH World says:


    There are 4 or 5 levels of “tilt” that the screen can adjust to via the touch screen button.

  3. om1kronvrt says:

    oooooooooooooh… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…. that’s neato.

  4. rob says:

    somebody needs a hub spacer or quick release!

  5. bhworld says:

    I don’t know, Rob.
    I sold my quick release hub and haven’t really thought about getting a new one. I like where the wheel sits.
    I might have to get a release hub just for security reasons though…

  6. om1kronvrt says:

    meh, they can still put a pipe wrench on a hub and hub lock once your ignition column n lock are broken in half to steer it. There really is no safe bet besides a really good alarm and back up battery…

    i’m a big fan of hidden pizo(spelling) horns in the dash vents… loud enough to help lose your hearing while you’re fumbling around trying to start my car.

  7. bhworld says:


  8. dousan says:

    i can dig it
    they only suggestions i have are

    triangle pieces on door for mirror area (i thought u got them already?)
    horn button
    clean up turn stalks

    thats it
    everything else is awesome!!!
    i am totally jealous of the red seats!

  9. Ruiz XIII says:

    Is the headrest piece supposed to be upside down?
    Interior looks good man. DVD Screen is nice.

  10. bhworld says:

    traingle pieces just need to be picked up. I haven’t don that yet.

    Mine were so old that they broke when I took them out. haha.

    I probably won’t get a horn button. I sold the Nardi ones I had.

    The stalks. ughhhhh. They are gross.

  11. om1kronvrt says:

    how about picking up some of those bolster protectors bride has for their seats, should protect the material pretty good from wear getting in and out of the car.

  12. BH World says:

    I already have those. You can’t see them in this photo though.
    I made a blog entry about them a short while ago.

  13. om1kronvrt says:

    neat – o!!! I’m leaning towards the Bride Euro 2 seats… They look super comfy! And you can get neat – o fold down arm rests for them. Trying to find someone in the US that can get me the R versions…

    We shall see!

  14. Tony.A says:

    Heey would you mind if I would make some “PG changed my life” stickers?? 😛

    You’re cars have been a major influence for me!

    Interior looks lovely.

  15. bhworld says:

    send some to me!

  16. Tony.A says:

    Sure thing!
    Just finishing off the design.

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