OLD S14 photo reel.





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12 Responses to OLD S14 photo reel.

  1. om1kronvrt says:

    that’s a fine looking zenki…. I’m not too fond of old round eyes either!

  2. bhworld says:

    I posted the hood for YOU.

    I wish it was a kouki.

  3. s0apgun says:

    i’m glad it wasn’t KOUKI

  4. deadpirate says:

    may this beautiful car have many more years of track stuff and then rest in piece…or pieces..whichever comes first

  5. om1kronvrt says:

    dude, I just noticed that round sucked in dent on the driver door… WTF my car has a dent in the same spot (roomates motorcycle fell on my car) stupid clutch lever hit the door first.

    The masa inserts are hard-core. I think I’m going to go with the frp hood with the carbon vents so I can paint the car it’s color but just have the wings in the vents show carbon to break it up a little.

  6. dpapa says:

    ‘throw back

  7. bhworld says:


    Throw what? I don’t use that language.

  8. bhworld says:

    Pomikron – I don’t know how the dent got them. It was always there and I never fixed it.

  9. Roy says:

    damn that hood is crazy! how much fun was it to cut those vents out in the hood. love this car. makes me wanna keep my car stock ka and hit the tracks.

  10. bhworld says:

    I got the hood from Sam Jspec. He had it done.

  11. Roy says:

    wow ic ic. thats definitely an eye catcher. but i love the aeromaster hood on the car at the end so much more.

  12. chob says:

    wow…kinda brings me back. i wish i couldve stayed on metal instead of goin with the overs.

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