Lost in Translation.

Okay this is funny.

I was talking to ChicagoPhil about how USA just fucks up cars somehow. They just do.


Here, example.


USA s13.




Both cars are white S13 coupes.

Both have “aggressive” kits.

Both are pretty similar overall.

None are overly fancy or nice.


Tell me, which one looks good.

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50 Responses to Lost in Translation.

  1. Dom says:

    dude, houston for sure. omg no contest. im all about it. fn01rc ftmfw

  2. om1kronvrt says:

    50/50 man… the usa car would be nice without that huge ass advertisement sticker on it.

    jap car has better wheels.

  3. BH World says:

    Are you serious?
    That USA car looks like SHIT.

  4. phil says:

    its all about the “aura”

  5. om1kronvrt says:

    I think the only minute differences between the two cars is one has a black roof (which I don’t like panda cars) and one doesn’t and wheels… japan car has those “zip ties” that you dislike.

    So I dunno what to tell you BH.

  6. bhworld says:

    There are those that see it and there are those that don’t.
    Phil sees it.
    You don’t.

    It’s more than just wheels and a black roof.

    Phil put it best. It is an “aura”.

  7. om1kronvrt says:

    Guess a car is just a car to the untrained eye.

  8. bhworld says:

    as lame as it sounds…… yes.

  9. om1kronvrt says:

    I can respect that…

  10. Bruce says:

    USA car has no soul.

    It looks like it slapped together fast, no time behind making it driver specific.

    J land car might have same aero, and you might think only difference is that its on KFs… NO.

    Check club/personal stickers. They don’t make sense.
    because the owner has history with the car.

    Lame advertisement is meh, and its the only thing the car reps.

    Check Damage – I don’t care if its falling apart attitude.

    KFs are dirty as hell. Whatever, they were slapped on.

    Car gets driven , on street and circuit alot. You can tell.

  11. yeah says:

    japan s13, cos it was built by an australian

    lol jokes
    (no joke)

  12. s0apgun says:

    at least the japan car knows how to properly attach side skirts

    i also made note of this with a scan from my site

    normally a car like this would suck in USA but somehow japan makes it look GOOD

    car has a special glow

    if i saw a car like that from a zilvia user i’d probably laugh

  13. john says:

    USA looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor (in the bad way), japan looks heavily streeted.

    I have never liked fn01’s on s13’s either. I have nothing against the wheel, but on s13s it always looks wrong.

    The big houston sticker is one of the more obvious mistakes.

    Location is another. The usa was probably trailer’d to its little cone session, while the japan is crusin the streets.

    btw, is the japan s13 that one featured on 7tune a little back?

  14. VH Dez says:

    USA car wins
    Even though i hate the black roof and the advertisement
    and i love the KFs
    its cleaner
    everyone says that the Jap car has the street/track flavor but i see the same in the US car.

    if the picture of the US car had a picture of tokyosilvias.com on the side most people would jock.

  15. bhworld says:

    You are up your ass.

    I think you might be on the wrong blog.

  16. Ross says:

    i like the houston car

    its hot

    jdm car is sick. has the street/track flavor that isnt apparent in USA car. but the USA does seem to have decent amount of work put into it

  17. White says:

    Caged action shot versus hard parking? Please.

  18. bhworld says:

    Ugly fucking s13 from America vs badass Street S13 from Japan.


  19. deadpirate says:

    that houston car is terrible. lame vinyl ad on the side. 5zigens. ugly “panda paint job”

    give me the hard parker anyday and i will show you a car that is way better on the track

  20. VH Dez says:

    No you sir are up Japans ass
    so all the US car needs is another pair of wheels in the front and a few Crew stickers and a all white paint job and he would be JDM tyte right

    America has a bunch of biting ass bandwagon hopping people
    that instead of making the US style better they choose to jock Japans style and say that any other style sucks because they dont build cookie cutter cars or put $2500 wheels. AURA my ass

  21. bhworld says:

    Sorry, I like good looking cars.
    I don’t know what you’re into, bro.
    Doesn’t sound like you’re into cool cars though. Oh well.

    The fact that you think those few things will make that USA car look good proves that you have no idea.

    Doesn’t sound like you fit it in here. Might as well not comment anymore.

  22. Shawn Shawn says:

    Japan car wins!

    That US car just lacks attn to detail.

  23. john says:

    lol VH Dez, seriously, just lol.

    the stickers ugly no matter what it says. tokyosilvias? sounds like you’ve watched a little too much tokyo drift. the owner is from osaka if im not mistaken, where street drifting is much more common.

    what kind of street presence does that houston guy have? I bet that cars never left the track.

    now just go back to drifting solstices and leave, plx.

  24. Akai-Oni says:

    There is a large group of drifters in Japan that seem to pull of that not-quite-right US style well. They’re called Brazilians. Y-Platers seem to screw it up pretty well too.

  25. FefeM says:

    it’s all about the details

    usa car looks like it’s slapped together. ugly shit

  26. Sneaky says:

    The ‘Japan’ S13 appears too hardparked for some of you all. Let’s find out how it ended up like it is…

  27. BOXCAR says:

    I laughed so hard when i saw this. There are the select few here in houston with the third eye “aura” vision. Please dont let that car represent Houston. Its old and stale, the owners current Cressida is much better, still slapstick drift car, but better. To sum it up the japanese car takes the cake of course with unicorn colors. Anyone who cant tell that must have been slapped with the cake prior to viewing or just have utterly horrible vile taste. In other words…YOUR WRONG!

  28. om1kronvrt says:

    it’s you’re…

    one car is built from a hick in Texas
    one car is built by an Australian.

    one of these guys gets a thumbs up due to location envy.

    that’s how I call it. That simply means that no matter how bad ass you make your project car, it will be a failure to your standards, unless you crate yourself and the car to japan, blow up the aero and bring it back and take it to car meets never to track it again.

    done, and done.

    good day

  29. bhworld says:

    omikron – no. it isn’t simply “location envy”

    some people get it, some THINK they get it, some dont get it.

  30. om1kronvrt says:

    heh, I guess I don’t have the time to get it. I’ll worry about my own classless car.

  31. ilia says:

    It’s pretty simple.

    The Japan car has SPIRIT, and the US car DOES NOT.

    ^That’s spirit. Doing work at 4am just because you think it’s dope to drive and get down.

    Jesse’s car is put together by a dude that has passion for driving, and everything about it reflects that. People like him put on legit wheels because they have a real passion and feeling for what they’re doing, and refuse to wear wack parts or wack stickers because it doesn’t reflect their passion for driving.

    US cars like that failure from Texas just go down a checklist. “Hmm, let’s see… what do I need to make my car cool? Aero. Check. Stickers. Check. Wheels. Check”

    That’s why pro formula D cars look like shit. MOPAR has no passion for this shit, it’s all just misdirected effort. They build a car to compete, then they try to go through the checklist so that “the kids” like it.

    It’s got nothing to do with location envy, and everything to do with having real passion for what you’re doing.

  32. om1kronvrt says:

    Hey man, don’t get me wrong… I’m all for doing fun stuff like that but i’m older now. Maybe when I was 20 and had a 240 or whatever id be running the streets or what not. But the police in California are buckwild, you can’t even wash your car during the day without someone trying to lock down our passion for these cars. for motor sports in general! It’s like I have to keep all of my hard work a secret. It sucks

    I see what you guys mean, but I don’t see how the Houston car doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. Calling him out and saying he went down a rad checklist and runs whack parts. Because our car’s are guilty of the same things (well not your’s BH).

    He might be one of the guys who genuinely thought he was building a dope car for himself (which we know isn’t the case, but still.) In the end I build my car for me and I drive my car for me.

    I didn’t go through the trouble of having RHD Japan find me a part because I want to go “neener neener I got this and you don’t” I did it because it’s going to complete my vision of what I want to build. And if someone feels it has no soul, then by all means.

    You will understand the meaning of my name.

  33. BOXCAR says:

    om1 are you kidding? Its all about the neener neener… someones got to keep drifting elite.

  34. ilia says:

    I guess I just enjoy things that are aesthetically pleasing.

    It’s like… I’d rather fuck a hot girl than an ugly one. It’s just more fun. Actually, I try to not fuck hot girls at all.

    In the same way, I’d rather drift a hot car than an ugly one. It’d be nice to not have to drift ugly cars at all.

  35. Vinh AKA logan's and Tuans Brah says:

    I love how you covered the beat part even though that adds to the character. The pilers holding the silencers in too are also cool. But honestly Japan car hands down. No Rake just flat, No COOL two tone which I hate, only works on Burst Four door r32 because that thing is just ILL to begin with. And last but not least that Houston one doesn’t have a front plate which means, “TRACK ONLY” that japan one of course is a street HEROOO ❤

  36. Waider says:

    The fenders looks better on the Jap car (the front one look thinner), the wheels are better and theres no black roof (which something that rarely look good on an S13 imo). also theres not this fugly advertise big sticker, I also appreciate the “genuine” side windows stickers on the japanese car. I know this car and the hood is flat black (looks rattle canned), so it looks good to me. The rear damage also says that a car is really used by the driver.
    As others said and as I also think, one have the Aura while the other dont have.
    The aura (imo) is a thing that makes the car unique, even if the car wear the stuff that everybody knows such as Bn sports kit and whatever. If a car have the aura, it will looks unique even with those common “tinybits and tiddlywinks” (the “copyrights” goes to BH for those words)
    I saw someone told something about brazillians drifting in japan. Well, those guys (99.9% of them) are the worst thing that could ever happen in the drifting scene in japan, for some of them I even don’t know what they’re doing there. The only one kinda “badass” and “in the spirit” brazillian drifter i remind is this one on the Drift tengoku video with some kind of giant fake glasses, I dont remember the track but he had an S13 (Silvia) and it was on a rainy day. There is surely others that I havent see, but the mainstream looks shitty!

  37. Akai-Oni says:

    I’m going to vehemently disagree with the comment in regards to location envy. If you take BH’s example from Japan and compare it to say that guy who had the white S13 who goes by “Squid” then you have a much more level playing field. That car had that “aura” in my opinion which the Houston S13 clearly does not have. There are a number of cars in the US that definitely have the “aura”. It would be short-sighted to limit it to US cars only. Australia, New Zealand, England, and Canada all seem to have a plethora of cars that can’t pull it off. Take those boys from C’s Garage in NZ for example. They build a couple of cars that would fit right in if they were in Japan, but if you look at what they did they is no real “mystery” to their builds. Anyone can pull off the Japanese look. All you have to do is find a picture of a car in a Jap magazine and copy it.

  38. bhworld says:

    akai has got it.

    I just don’t get how people fuck it up.

    oh well.

  39. om1kronvrt says:

    I know sky… pay attention to the name.

  40. Matej says:

    Hey guys, I don’t like either of those cars.

    What is wrong with me? 😦

  41. Dom says:

    is this the line for indiana jones?

  42. Dom says:

    oh and i’m going to assume that you weren’t serious about wondering whether i was being serious.

  43. s0apgun says:

    41 replies

    lol seriousss shit

  44. bhworld says:

    Dom, sorry dude, this is the line for Space Mountain.

  45. bhworld says:


    I didn’t even know that was Ameen’s car.

  46. D*star says:


    Everyone is cooler and more J-Style then the next guy now. At first it was cool because we thought we were all gonna rad it up together. Now its a vicious paragraph competition everywhere you look. People busting out the raddest, most obscure shit their hard drive has to offer. Everyone shut the fuck up and express it with your good car style.

    No need to keep stating the motherfucking obvious everywhere.

  47. om1kronvrt says:

    boxcar / thread



  48. bhworld says:

    Okay you guys fucked this up too much.
    This isn’t a fucking internet 240sx forum.
    Don’t talk like it is.

  49. Logan says:

    USA 240sx community seems to be going downhill

    In all aspects

    I’m speaking generally, not as a result of those pics specifically

    Oh well

    Just gotta do you and make the haters jerrrrousssssss

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