I hope I love this car…



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16 Responses to I hope I love this car…

  1. lets trade ganador aero mirrors
    mine are white already


  2. 3L says:

    ughhhh…. dope.

  3. Roy says:

    looks sweet brian! cant wait to see it painted!

  4. Waider says:

    The S14 was more agressive especially the wheel fitment.
    I’am not a fan of the sideskrts but the rest is nice (the hood is ballin’)

  5. s0apgun says:

    @ waider

    your post doesn’t make much sense to me

  6. it does to me. and i told brian, dump those faggot side skirts and rear bumper and get something cool. front bumper and rest is fine but i hate OEM sides, shit looks terrible.

  7. om1kronvrt says:

    alrighty then… no rear valances?

  8. bhworld says:

    Lol, Dousan that IS you, huh? I saw the email attached to that name and I think it make ssense now.You really want to trade mirrors? I already wired mine up too, so they are nice.

    Sideskirts and rear valence stay for now. I like them.

    I MAY do a kit in the future. We’ll see.

  9. yes its me!! haha who else knows so much about your car? (sad)
    no im kidding, im going to paint mine red shortly. hahahah…
    aero kit? GP SPORTS TYPE R
    best of my world AND yours! hahaha

    no rear valence was the lamest idea ever. are you serious?

  10. bhworld says:

    I just haven’t put the rear valence on.
    I sold the beat FRP ones that came with my car and I’m getting some nice ones this week.

    Stock rear bumper with nothing else is TERRIBLE

  11. Tony.A says:

    Put the front lip on, paint it, and get ready to throw V sings at the camera man!!

  12. Akai-Oni says:

    Looking good. Dark color would set it off…

  13. D*star says:


    Front lip on and OG BHspec ride height and DONE.

  14. Kaitoukashi says:

    Hmmm… white car, red Brides, striped interior, Safety21 cage… I almost know you. *HOT*

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