Almost doneeeee. new coils in.

So, let’s see what changed on the car today…



That is MUCH better than seeing the top of a TEIN coilovers isn’t it?




Finally put these to use. Put on a 15mm bolt on KICS too. So much better. Maxed out camber. blah blah blah

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4 Responses to Almost doneeeee. new coils in.

  1. s0apgun says:

    so much “bling blanggggggg”


    blinded by yo rimzzz son

  2. Flybert says:

    You beat me to those. Guess I’ll be using my n1 pros for another few years until something like that pops up again.

  3. bhworld says:

    hah, sorry FLYGUY!!! I saw them and PMed as fast as I possibly could.

    I still have to lower the front at least an inch and do the rears probably 2 inches. I din’t even bother adjusting them today. I like em though. 🙂

  4. Om1kron says:

    looks good!

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