El Mariachi

Take a trip down to San Clemente if you want some AWESOME Mexican food.

As Logan would say, you will want to go ONE MO GAIN.

I decided to scrap (Did I use that right, Logan?) a wet Carne Asada burrito. Check out this mother fucker.


Silverware on right for size reference please.


So it turns out I could even eat HALF of that badboy. Perhaps it was because of the 3 things of chips and salsa before.

Or maybe, I ordered the Large margarita and got THIS




It was pretty much the size of a PLATE.

DAMN. Too much.

Oh, and it was probably more alcohol than fruit flavor.

No good for an hour drive home, so I had to take it MILD.



anyways, there is my food post.

Enjoy it


Go eat there sometime.

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5 Responses to El Mariachi

  1. Ruiz XIII says:

    Jesus Christ bro, I think I could take a bath in that Margarita plate/bowl/dish/cup. You sir have a stomach of iron.

    Thats a lot of food and drink!

  2. bejota180sx says:

    vete pal carajo! LOL! in case nobody said that in that restaurant, it’s spanish way of saying GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! dude that burrito is huge! are you sure you didn’t order a pool or something… magarita is huge!
    you’re gonna have to come to PR and have some puertorican food ahahahaha, next time on logan and brian no reservation… HAHAHA

  3. bhworld says:

    yeah, they brought it. set it down.
    and I probably had the biggest WHAT THE FUCK face on.

  4. Logan says:

    Scrape, not scrap hahha

    One mo gain dat sit!

  5. Mike says:

    Man I miss giant, greasy, cheap Mexican food

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