MORE stickers

I just picked up another batch of Pink GodziRa stickers.

same size and design, but more colours.


red reflective.

orange reflective.

white reflective

green reflective.

rainbow chrome

fish scale rainbow chrome

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11 Responses to MORE stickers

  1. Ross says:

    i want rainbow chrome, fish scale rainbow chrome, and orange reflective please

    trade you for a sweet red helmet

  2. bhworld says:

    So you want $27 worth of stickers huh….

  3. Ross says:

    i might be able to pay you..maybe

  4. Roy says:

    damn man. hehe you should make stickers for ASB too! like those drift day stickers so guys can collect the whole set.

  5. bejota180sx says:

    come on brian how come you always make stickers when i spend my money on something else!!! i had the money for the blue ones they run out i spend the money new ones come in the next day! damm you! HAHAHAHA! ill try to get the money to rock one on my track car!

  6. bhworld says:

    Roy, did you get your blue ones yet?
    I DID think and am still thinking of making ASB ones. I might… 🙂

    bejota – don’t blame me. 🙂 I tried to really spice it up this time!

  7. Roy says:

    haha yeah i got the blue ones! i think it will be hard to top those lol. until the ultimate pink color one arrives ofcourse. lol

    haha keep me posted on the asb ones. haha i wish that i could drive that event one day but lol lack of experience and long distance shipping costs keep me from doing that right now.

  8. FefeM says:

    Can i have a rainbow chrome. I need one for my booty shorts.

  9. suaknee says:

    so $9 for the fish scale rainbow right? whats your paypal please?

  10. bhworld says:

    No chromes left at all…

  11. suaknee says:

    I’d like a green one bro. what is da paypal?

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