A31 Cefiro (drift tengoku)

Let’s take a look at a Cefiro I made quite a while ago.

I bought this kit as the Drift Tengoku D1 Cefiro That Drift Samurai drove… but I think that looks stupid, so I made it street style (as usual).


Here we have a close up of the side. The more I look at it, the more I hate the paint. I guess it doesn’t look AS bad in real life… But anyways, As you can see, it has Blitz 03 wheels and some pink paint that seems to need clear on it. Of course the key here is the window with badass stickers.


and here we have a full side shot. Looks like pink sandpaper. haha.


Back window with more cool stickers. Maybe I like this one because of how many REAL stickers I have of these same ones…


Full rear shot. The exhaust actually looks good from here!


and the front. The lights look good. 🙂



So, that is it.


I’m currently working on a 100 chaser and a hakosuka racecar.

Who knows when they will be done….

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13 Responses to A31 Cefiro (drift tengoku)

  1. Ruiz XIII says:

    I love Cefiro
    I wish I could have one to drive in real life or a 4-door R32
    They are so cool.

  2. Roy says:

    haha i love it man. what kindof clear coat do you use anyway? haha shucks this has me itching to grab a kit. lol which chaser are you building?

  3. bhworld says:

    Roy – I don’t use clear…maybe I should. I just basically use whatever paint I have laying around. I am building a red 100 chaser on some stupid wheels that came with the kit. I need to get some more paint though. Trying to make this one look good.

  4. Roy says:

    ic ic lol yup clear coat goes a long way man. One of my friends was shooting the clear coat from a spray can that came out great. I think that the amount of practice he gets goes a long way to help as well. I know that right now for my rc car bodies i’ve been using alot of tamiya spray can paints and the colors come out great. I know that they make a clearcoat as well. but if you’re shooting metallic colors and need base coats it makes sense to use paints by pactra or racing finish because they’re cheaper.

    hehe im guessing you havent just looked up the wheel sets on their own?

    aaah its time to take a look at my stash tonight

  5. bhworld says:

    I am using a Tamiya spray can for the Chaser I’m doing. I need to go pick up some more colours for the tons of cars I got. hah.
    I think I’ll try and do clear on these ones…

    For wheels, I pretty much just use whatever they come with. I’ve never bought the wheel sets or anything. I usually come out with extra crap anyways. seats, steering wheels, etc.

  6. Roy says:

    hehe nice. cant wait to see this one when its done man.

    haha i think it is time to go and look at my rack of model kits tonight.

  7. dir says:

    how can i get that rc? i live in malaysia

  8. apit says:

    ada jual tak model a31 tu?

  9. brian says:

    nice kit bro! im trying to order one now, this kits are now hard to find here in philippines

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