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7 Responses to Photos

  1. dousan says:

    we might have to check and see if the pad are touching the rotor
    jack ur car up
    take the wheel off
    and use that screwdriver deal and see if its holding up the rotor from turning.
    that might dothe trick
    other then that, i cant think of much else
    see how that works broski
    btw what u do for the MC w/ that fitting dealy-o?

  2. bhworld says:

    I used a new red AN guy. I watched it the whole time. No leaks. hot.
    I was thinking maybe the brake SHOES were rubbing too hard, but I don’t think that is the case. I took off the rotors with ease in order to cut the dust shields. I’ll have to check on it Friday I guess. I’ll take the wheels off and see if the rotors spin free. I THOUGHT I did that already and they spun fine. Maybe I didn’t. Ehhhh
    When I pulled the car forward, it definitly made a noise like something was in the way. Seems like it might be coming from passenger rear side….. ugh.
    Come on car!

  3. Ruiz XIII says:

    Do I spy some Louis Vuitton?
    That is pretty awesome!

  4. Roy says:

    damn another part to add to my wishlist haha jdm markers! hope everything gets sorted out with the brakes.

  5. Benson says:

    hey a word from an experienced jdm side marker guy:
    make sure they are secured really well. they fall out all the time if you drift over a berm or drop a tire into the dirt or hit a cone.

    it sucks to come back into the pits and find out you only have one 😦

  6. Roy says:

    damn that sucks to hear. i will make sure to keep that in mind

  7. Justin says:

    No care about the keys…

    But that keyfob is Awesometown USA.

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