New PG stickers for sale!


Winter Style!

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25 Responses to New PG stickers for sale!

  1. dousan says:

    you spelled it wrong.

    ok u didnt.
    i need to get a ctu of this hahaha
    you should buy my minervas w/ this profit.

  2. Adam Blackwell says:

    Hiya, do you have to be a member or personally know you guys to rock a sticker? I fancy repin’ one on my roadster. And for the drift sticker tune look 😉

  3. bhworld says:

    dousan – yes I’d love those wheels. mmmm mmmmmmm
    adam – no you don’t. You justs need to know that we are totally rad!

  4. Adam Blackwell says:

    Thanks! and yes, i do know that you guys are totally rad!!!
    Im thinking, bottom righthand side of my windscreen XD

  5. bhworld says:

    Where are you located Adam?
    The stickers are $9 each sent to anywhere in USA.
    out of country will be a bit more…

  6. Adam Blackwell says:

    I am located in the UK. There is a member on driftworks forum selling them called Jord, who runs in the BDC. Thats how i saw them. I had seen them from looking at coverage of ziptied bash a few months ago, and thought they looked cool.
    But yea, i would be down for one! 😉

  7. bhworld says:

    ah yes ok.
    I am going to send some to him, so I told him to check around and see if anybody else in UK wants them so I can send a bunch together at one time. I’ll check the driftworks forum tomorrow when i get to work.

  8. George says:

    Can I get some stickers?
    I am located in Mass

  9. George says:

    Can I get few of those. I am located in Mass

  10. bhworld says:

    George. yes you can. They are $9 each. my paypal is

    I haven’t sent any to mass yet! I’d love to!

  11. Ross says:

    save me a friggin PG sticker!!!!!!!!!

  12. Logan says:

    I don’t want one


  13. bhworld says:

    George from Mass!
    I got your payment but no ADDRESS!
    email me, dude!

    Ross… we’ll see.
    Logan – haters gonna hate. lovers gonna love. I just don’t want, none of the above…. i wanna piss on you. do do do pee on you.

  14. joe l says:

    You’ve sent them to Colorado though haven’t you? Sent you some cash.

  15. George says:

    Oh shit i forgot… Just emailed you the adress.

  16. bhworld says:

    Joe – I am sending 2 to Colorado so far. You send paypal already? EDIT: I see that you just sent me money. Yours will go out tomorrow.
    George – Thanks George.

  17. s0apgun says:

    i have a big pink godzira green one


    $50 FOLkS


    trade red for blue k thanks?

  18. Roy says:

    OOOH! these are sweet! are they reflective too by chance? Any still available?

  19. bhworld says:

    Yes Roy, they are reflective. HOT.

    I have some left yes.

    $9 each. my paypal is


  20. Roy says:

    you’ve got a payment sir. haha LONG LIVE THE ZENKI S14!

  21. BH World says:

    thanks Roy!

    Man… I’m going to have to look for some other stuff to send you also.


  22. bhworld says:

    These are almost sold out!
    I picked up 50 on Sunday….


  23. Roy says:

    haha that would be kool!

  24. combo mando says:

    give me stickers
    for yellow beast dorisha

  25. combo mando says:

    oh shit BLUE to match my

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