The cars that Killed Drifting (ENCORE performance)

My top ten list was BITCHIN. I wanted to add more, but I only had 10 to choose from. Since I posted, I’ve seen people wanting MORE MORE MORE.

Okay, you got it!


11. Tanaka Corvette

12. Milano Z33

13. Milano S14

14. Milano S13

15. RMR Solstice

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15 Responses to The cars that Killed Drifting (ENCORE performance)

  1. Cody says:

    werd to this list, esp. the Milano cars. it’s even worse when they’re pitted across from you at an event and don’t stop revving throughout the entire day. terrible.

  2. john says:

    Nice additions 😀

  3. s0apgun says:


    green ic piping sick

  4. C.James says:

    i woudve thought the milano cars would have been ranked higher, how bout a top ten cars that could save drifting

  5. Waider says:

    I wonder where he got those ugly r32 styled fender (on the s13).
    Comon’ is that the Need for speed Underground generation already make “drift” cars??

  6. Flybert says:

    You buy GTR fender. I give you good deal. You buy.

  7. Waider says:

    Even if i had an S13 I would never do that kind of bullshit. I mean cmon its not even nice.
    All on this car is badly made. Wrong choice of rims (both the model and sizing), wrong body kit (I don’t call that myself a bodykit but well…), and wrong color, albeit with a nice kit (lets say Bn sports) good rims this green would look good.

  8. Ruiz XIII says:

    Geez. Milano is horrible. Green I/C pipes, what are they 16 years old?
    I wish that Corvette would wipe out and wreck. It looks like such junk

  9. bhworld says:

    Ruiz – the vette DID wreck at Red Bull.
    CJames – I didn’t put them in any order. They all suck. Top 15 suck!

  10. Jay says:

    Great list! and as a side note…

    If the other 12 cars were the AIDS that killed drifting, Milano is the coitus and subsequent HIV that got the ball rolling.

  11. Ezza says:

    Why delete my post for? Cant handle someone elses opinion?

  12. bhworld says:

    Ezza – Bro, listen bro…. You commented in the OTHER post I made. I even responded to you, bro.

  13. C.James says:

    true they all do suck the lameness of these cars make the really awsome cars that much more badass

  14. Ezza says:

    Lol sorry man, i didnt see the 2 different posts. My bad 🙂

  15. Waider says:

    True, C.James, its also makes happy to know that some people still know how to do it!!!

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