What’s left???

The car is almost done.

All star bash is 2 weeks from now. Will I make it? I sure hope so.


I need (in, somewhat of an order)


1. temporary alignment in driveway.

2. get Speedbleeders in the mail next week. (ordered from SPL Parts

3. NEED to get a small fitting for the brake master cylinder. (not sure what to do yet)

4. Bleed brakes. (hopefully with no problems)

5. Trim/cut rear dust sheilds for brakes.

5. Drive over to Drift Speed to get a real alignment, E brake cable bracket made. E brake lines attached and adjusted. Also, install Nismo power brace and tension rods and skid plate while there.

6. Change oil and install oil sensor stuff so I can hook up the DEFIs. Of course this means more wiring too.

7. Swap out coolant so I can install Yashio Factory water temp stuff at the same time. more wiring.

8. play with turn signal wiring and position lamps.


By that time, everything should be ready for the car to run right and drift.



SADLY, I don’t think I can fit in PAINT BY THEN.


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4 Responses to What’s left???

  1. Flybert says:

    No paint? No BH’s allowed.

  2. David says:

    This is good. Hope you make it.

  3. Roy says:

    GO BH! I cant wait to see this car painted! this is a super inspiration because its a hatch like mine!

  4. bhworld says:

    Thanks dude.
    I’m trying……………… !

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