Top 10 cars that killed real drifting.

10. BRAILLE red 350Z

9. Pontiac RMR GTO

8. Dodge MOPAR Viper


7. Dodge MOPAR Charger

6. Dodge MOPAR Challenger

5. XAT 240sx with Trans am front end

4. Enjuku burgandy 240sx with S15 face

3. AEM 350Z

2. Falken Saturn SKY

1.  Blue and white New Mexico 240sxs




Each one of these cars has made me embarassed to drift in the last few years (and in the future too). Each one of these cars has changed drifting from a STYLE sport, into a SHIT sport.


I hope you enjoed the list.

Sorry I don’t know how to resize.

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20 Responses to Top 10 cars that killed real drifting.

  1. s0apgun says:


    my fucking eyes

  2. Peter of A. says:

    Totally agree with you, exept for the first place…I can’t see it…picture is bugging…

  3. Waider says:

    Really proud you’ve put the Mopar pieces of shit. I think the Corvette deserve a spot on this listing too.

  4. racer86 says:

    Seriously, what the fuck. I would rather suck off a horse than have to look at that collection of shit.

    what. the. fuck.

  5. Ruiz XIII says:

    I like this list.
    It is safe to just say that 95% of ALL the cars in Formula D look like garbage.
    Also, anything ever put out by Enjuku Racing was horrible.

    That Trans AM Fronted 240 is painful to look at.

  6. down_shift says:

    milano auto 350? must have been #11.

  7. Joonzii says:

    Can i ask why the Enjuku 180sx was in the list? I’m just curious as i don’t follow Formula D (I’m from Australia) Personally i don’t see anything MAJORLY wrong with it, cosmetic wise. Besides the wing, that thing is horrid.

  8. bhworld says:

    thanks for the feedback, dudes.

    the red corvette should be there too, I agree.
    Milano auto cars should ALL be there…

    jooonzil – I think the car is just ridiculous. Ugly yellow lights, HORRIBLE wing, the car always seems to be broken looking and falling apaprt. Maybe I’m wrong… maybe that is the LOOK they were going for….

  9. joe l says:

    argh, those are just some of the worst cars. there are plenty more though. formula d is painful to look at. i’m glad there has been some japanese presence in it this year.

  10. john says:

    That braille thing has been making me puke for forever. Basically every formula d 350z / american-made car is absolutely horrifying. Actually, most of the jdm formula d cars are sickening too. Basically formula d just gives america a terrible reputation. I don’t know how they could be sooo far out of it.

  11. ilia says:

    Look at the vinyl on the enjuku car. Look at it’s color scheme. Look at it’s “roll center optimized” ride height. That car sucks on so many levels.

    What I want to know is this. Didn’t most of the drivers in Formula D come from a grassroots drifting background? Doesn’t that mean that they at some point were into stylish cars? Nobody in our area that drifts thinks it’s acceptable to drift ugly, really. Almost everyone is always trying to look totally awesome while driving totally awesome.

    So then where does this mentality come from? Does the desire to have a cool looking car just disappear when you start driving for FD?

    Are the corporate sponsors the only reason the cars are so ugly? Is it because the people funding the cars don’t get that you NEED a cool looking car for people to really fall in love with it, even if it’s driving awesome?

    That’s what always stumped me. Why are the drivers of these cars not insisting that they be made more stylish.

  12. bhworld says:

    I think I might have to make a “part 2” of this post….

    A LOT of feedback so far! 🙂

  13. john says:

    Exactly ilia. Ive always wondered that too. Unless they were always just your generic hardcore american plucked right off the dragstrip or the oval. And bh, try to get some of those new up and coming tc’s and hyundais on the next one 😀

  14. Section09 says:

    hey atleast its still cool in japan…

  15. Ezza says:

    Hey, i thought drifting was about the sport and enjoying it and not about how a car should look. Because, i find that from my knowledge that the true roots of drifting was more about the technique of driving. Young kids of Japan drifting their ratty ass cars on their touge route, having fun, thats what its was all about. Now the true definition has been obscured by media and the greed for money.


  16. bhworld says:

    ezza – I feel that you are right and wrong. It IS definitly about fun!!! I think maybe 2 of those cars in the list were build for ‘fun”. The others are just for racers that came into drifting to WIN WIN WIN.

  17. Kitty says:

    No offense to some.
    But if this Auto Sport wasn’t taken from
    it’s original homeland and overdramatized
    and overmediated into what it is now.
    There wouldn’t be any negative “tension”
    and list making of the such where not just one
    but a few would be putting their 2 cents in
    to act like it makes a difference.

    Like i said.
    No Offense.

    But like some Japanese “remakes”.
    Domestic remakes actually make it
    even 3 times worse to look at.
    (see “movies” Ringu, Eye, One Missed Call, etc.)

    And this shitty car list.

    That and you all know the amateur up
    and coming drivings don’t stand a chance
    with the seasoned pros & veterans.
    How can one say that’s “exciting” to watch?

    “oh gee look his Viper smoked his 180sx that doesn’t
    really have that much sponsors and has home made
    modded parts etc etc”

    Why not make it actually worth it by pitting up
    people that you and we all grew up with.
    People that aren’t a bit “Hollywood”-ish.

    Not saying all of the drivers are.
    But wouldn’t you want to see your best bud,
    your uncle (pft right), your cousin, your sister (yup)
    maybe your kid brother up on that podium other
    than the same person every other season?

    ‘kay there’s my 2 cents.

    I hope noones going to argue this.
    Because the Internet like the Special Olympics.
    Even if you win.
    You’re still retarded.

    The End.


    i know what chu’ sayin’
    screw winning
    Have Fun bitches!

  18. mdotortiz says:

    #1 pick..thank you thank you..I had to live with that paint scheme all last year at the NM events.

  19. bhworld says:

    kitty – i tried, but i can’t understand what your point is….

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