I forgot to take a picture of teh old brakes on the car, so this will have to do.


On the left, old and busted s13.

On the right, new BNR32 hotness.



Million thanks to Dousan for all the help this weekend.


I”ve got to get some speed bleeders and then do the ebrake system after that. oh, and get a new fitting for the brake master cylinder.

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3 Responses to brakes

  1. Roy says:

    hey brian just wondering do the r32 rotors work with the stock calipers? or did you upgrade to r32 calipers also? also wondering how is the rear ebrake different?

  2. bhworld says:

    No they don’t work with stock calipers (that I know of).
    I bought everything… calipers, rotors, etc.

    The ebrake is a drum style instead of the disk style of the stock s13 brakes. I like them a lot…. although they are giving me problems right now and not working right.

  3. Roy says:

    mmmm ic ic. kool aaah i think i will stick with my s14 rotors for now hopefully i will be able to go 5lug in a few weeks after my arms arrive and i buy tires. Thank you for the information though!

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