YES. jackpot

Today was a good day for working on the car.

1. Hooked up the Pivot headlight controller.


2. Put the rest of the cage in and cut up the new dash and put that in. (This was a pain in the ass. I think IF there is a next time, I’m just doing dash escape again. We’ll see.)

3. Put in my new seats. I love them. Red and red. Can’t go wrong.


4. generally began putting the whole interior back together. I just need to put the cluster in, the DVD player, gauges, and thats about it. Probably easier said than done though. I have been trying to figure out where to put the 2 60mm gauges, the Yashio water temp gauge, the Pivot headlight controller, and the Defi controller.



Next up after the interior is back together, I’ve got to put on the 5 bolt hubs and new brakes and all that.

Then hopefully bust ass on sandiong it and body work and PAINT.

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12 Responses to YES. jackpot

  1. brownmagic says:

    Put the gauges on the dash..
    either that or in the center vent.

    Then again.. its up to you, Your car.

    just my $.02

  2. Akai-Oni says:

    Love the seats. I was running the exact same pair in my S13 back in Japanland. Put the meters in this…

  3. Gabe the babe says:

    Looks Looky sik awesome i hate on you yess

  4. dousan says:

    yo looks good
    yes gauges in center vent this time

    and um.
    seats look radical!!!

  5. Ruiz XIII says:

    The seats look boss.
    Driver Seat is awesome!

  6. Bruce says:

    Seats look awesome

    red red combo cannot be beat

  7. Logan says:

    Shouldve got Recaro


    Nah, they are nice

    Old style Bride > New Style

  8. CHASE says:

    coming together nicely!
    so jealous of that driver seat

  9. Chrisuan says:

    I love the red bride seats. So much, I made t shirts of them.

    seiously check my myspace.

  10. nice risky sticker i need to send you a garage shiny one ha oh and josh says thanks again for the godzirah sticker it looks awesome on the car. oh and what color and size do you want of the garage shiny sticker

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