Okat here is a little fun photo showing what I have been working on today.

What we see here is half of my Safety21 cage installed. Just in the picture is the 5 point version, but you will notice more tabs up on the hoop for the front bars. I just simple haven’t put them in yet.

Look at it though. nice. so many bars, so little time.


Also, I put some of the old stickers off my s14 onto the main hoop.

There are stickers from the ASBs and some other crap on there.


I decided I’m going to put carpet back in this thing. I just don’t want bare metal under my feet. I think it will get too dirty and too annoying.


The dash is out right now too.

I took out most of the heater/AC stuff from behind there and also planned out where this cage is going to go. I had to bend a couple things to get it to fit right. I guess they never planned a through dash 180sx cage for the USA 240sx. oviously…




I think I’ll go finish up a few things while there is still daylight…

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2 Responses to Safety21

  1. Rob says:

    you snagged a thru dash one? hows it seem like it’s going to look going thru? Nice and clean?

  2. bhworld says:

    Hey Rob – Yeah I had dash escape in the s14, so I figured I wanted to try a Through dash in this car. Also, Itai had a through dash cage, so how could I lose? hah.

    I layed it out in the car today with no dash in there. There are a couple metal brackets that need to be bent/moved out of the way so far. I am guessing this is just on USA models though.

    Now the REAL issue is me and a Dremel. How nice am I going to cut through the dash? (probably crappy) 😦

    I have been looking through my box of old dori tens and BMs looking for 180s with a through dash for the past couple months. I FINALLY found one today that showed where it goes, but the photo is SO small.

    We’ll find out soon I guess.


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