Bride update

Well, my seat is in Canada now and APPARENTLY is going to ship out tomorrow to me.


So, it SHOULD take a week to get here, but at this rate with everything put in perspective, I’ll expect it a month from now.

I’m pretty mad with this whole transaction (and it isn’t even 100% done yet) and I doubt I’ll be getting parts from this same place again. I lost out on money that I don’t feel I should have paid and it seems that a paypal dispute is out of the question because of the lenght of time it has been since I actually paid for it.


I’m trying to just put it all behind me and write it off as a loss.


I still have to wait and see what wonderful UPS does to the package between Canada and here. I can only imagine…  😦


So, next week or so, I’ll have my beloved Bride Zeros up for sale (if all goes as planned)


Who wants to buy it? I’ve had people “claiming” it since the day I got the car.




I managed to get a NICE pair of door panles yesterday for the car. Gone are the junk ones that came with the car and IN are the nice fresh ones. mmhmmm. Much better.

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