Update October

The Ganadors sold this week. They are off on their way up to Alameda.


Also, worked on the car a little today and put in the new rear tower bar. Veru nice from GT Spec again.

Easily the beggest tower bar I have seen for a S chassis car.



So that completes all the Gt Spec bars for the hatch area.

I still have a little one for the underside in the rear where the tow links bolt into. Not sure what it might do, but hey, it is cheap and cool.




I couldn’t really do much on the car today. It started raining, so work was very limited. I did manage to get a bunch of tar off the transmission tunnel on the passenger side. Maybe I’ll work on it tomorrow a bit if it is good weather.


Soon I guess I’ll take out the dash, get some more paint for the interior and put the cage in and new dash in.

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One Response to Update October

  1. Logan says:

    I’m currently trying to make a brace that replaces the strut tower bar to brace my SUBWOOFER BOX

    I better see SUBS in your car too BH

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