I have the Ganador mirrors off my s14 for sale.

Looking to get $300 for them.

Getting harder to find these days.


Anybody who KNOWS whats up, hit me up.

Come on Risky Devil duders or CHASE.



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4 Responses to GANADOR FOR SALE

  1. CHASE says:


    car MIGHT be sold.
    should have told you sooner.

    i really wasnt planning on selling it, but i got an offer i cant refuse.
    im sure you understand


  2. bhworld says:

    Of course.
    If you can sell your car for a damn good price, more power to you.

    Thats how I feel about all my stuff too.
    Anything I have is always for sale… if the right price comes along

  3. s0apgun says:

    so s13 ganadors are for sale brian?? 😀

  4. Logan says:

    Yeah I still am on the quest to find mirrors

    I test fit these over the weekend

    JSpec Sam is selling these

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