Hatch area just about done.

Today went well. I finished up the wiring in the rear of the car. Finished up the tailights and the new “loom”. Painted the whole thing white (for now) and installed the GT Spec parts, C Pillar bar and trunk Brace. They look HOT. Of course, very simple install. Just 17mm bolts. doene and done. They even give you new bolts/washers to use.

Monday I have the rear tower bar coming in, so I’ll put that in too next week.


I’m glad I finally got all of that done. It was taking forever.

OH, also got all the sound deadening off the rear fender arches. Those were such a pain in the ass. I don’t want to that ever again. Now, I just have some left on the transmission tunnel and up by the foot area. I sort of feel like not even bothering with it. I’m so tired of hammering away and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.


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One Response to Hatch area just about done.

  1. s0apgun says:

    thats a nice clothes hanger you got there

    gutted white interior’s is so “JDM”

    what happened to half and half interior

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