Sunday’s results

Today went pretty well I guess.


I put the new taillights in yesterday and today I wired the all up (except for one brake light because I was too tired) This was pretty fun I guess.


I cut down a TON of wiring in the car. a HELLL OF A LOT. Of course I made mistakes along the way (cut one of the brake light harnesses out on accident. woops, but I found it and am fixing it.)

I cut so much out, but I think for some reason the dome light doesn’t work now. I didn’t even touch that wiring though. Oh well. I also think the actual numbers on the clock don’t light up…but the rest of the cluster does… I think. It was hard to tell in the sun.


I also bought some dry ice and knocked out almost all the sound deadening. In my opinion, dry ice isn’t much better than old school hammer and chisel and MUSCLE. I cleaned up a lot of the reside also. There is still so much more work to do though. Maybe one more full weekend, and I can have it done.

I think I’m going to paint the inside white… I think. I really want to just color match it to whatever color the car will be, but I think that is going to be too much work.


I think all the brake fluid is just leaking into the Booster. This makes sense. There are no puddles under the car. I’ll have to find a new booster. bleh. Prolonging the build more. Probably won’t make ASB.

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One Response to Sunday’s results

  1. s0apgun says:

    i fixed my brakes they needed to be bleed and rear caliper needed a tweak

    but auto zone sells boosters and its not too hard to install pick one up this week and get it in over the weekend easy

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