All Star Bash?

Hmmm, so June 07 was the first All Star Bash I created.

This was groundbreaking and a greta step for drifitng in US and A.

I tried to make something that was the opposite of what drifting has become, BIG stupid sponsors and UGLY as sin cars.


It worked.   (well, for the most part, lol)


Now, just last month, or the month before or something, another “all star bash” popped up.

This one was on the east coast. I thought the idea sounded sort of neat, but then something happened.

High tech flyers and ads came out for it which was the total opposite of what I had been doing thus far. I didn’t like this. Then the event happened and sort of became known as East Coast Bash. Ok, so the name changed, but most people still knew it as all star bash east.

Most of the cars there were 100% NOT the kind of cars I wanted at ASB. Maybe this all makes me sound like a big asshole, but I feel I can speak my mind on it (on this blog that not many people know about) haha.



Then just yesterday, I was linked to another All Star Bash in florida.



Where did that come from?


So, I looked at a video from it.

Looked like a lot of spin outs and ugly cars and that sort of stuff.





I don’t know what happened with All Star Bash.

Suddenly it became something everybody can use.



I don’t like it.







I am glad people are out there having fun with drifting, but, I wish they wouldn’t take the ASB name and slap it on whatever they want.





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7 Responses to All Star Bash?

  1. Dom says:

    it happens sometimes. something you create gets handled in a way you didn’t want it to. and then it eventually becomes what you exactly didn’t want it to be. im sorry sir. that really blows.

  2. Toxic Images says:

    man you should have trademarked that shit……..

  3. Bruce says:

    that sucks man,
    ASB events always had the best cars!


  4. TJ says:

    Yea Karl did kind of jank your name……..dirty it, then run a event on a oval track. At least the real people know what the real ASB is all about

  5. Peter of A. says:

    Well, I Sat Through a video of the FAKE ASB event (this one and imo, you’re waaaaaay beter than them ! They even don’t lost/break a single part of aero in this vid ! Or drive a gay car ! How the hell could they pretend to do an ASB look like ! It’s just an other boring drift video…
    Too bad…
    By the way, that’s my first post here, but I really love you blog, and I read it every week, it’s really cool, good job. Your blue beast miss me, but I’m sure your new one will be kickass ! Keep it up !

  6. Logan says:

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery

    ASB V rain or shine, shark biters or not

  7. Geoff says:

    Fuck it. Their flyers suck ass.

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