Friday update :)

Okay, today I painted the rear calipers, but did not get to totally finish them. I think I will do that on Sunday. I had to leave early today, so the paint job is just half done.


I put my new shift boot in and the center console dealio, here it is.

I like it. Please ignore the big open space though. The dvd player won’t go in yet until I do a bunch of work in and around that area to clear extra junk out.


Also, found some more of my little doodads that I have for the car. Japanese sidemarkers and Billion heat sensitive sticker deals.



Last thing for now is a quick picture of the GT Spec pillar bar I popped in there. I LOVE this thing.

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2 Responses to Friday update :)

  1. Lisa says:

    That is some sexy stuffs you gots!

  2. TJ says:

    mike makes some bomb ass parts dood, wheres the b pillars?

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