Super Photo Post!!!

First, we have my new brakes. These are from BNR32. I am painting them gold with red letters.


Now we have my new dash here. No cracks. Also you may notice the Japanese 180sx gauge cluster. Necessary for drift.


Oh yes, classic 2001 style checkered floormats. I hope you don’t see the company that they came from!


Well, there isn’t much you can do to make a KA engine cool, so why not add a nice Tomei oil cap? ok done!

oh, and of course, that custom paint for good looks.


How about this? Diamonds on the valve stem caps. Mmmm mmmmmm

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3 Responses to Super Photo Post!!!

  1. Logan says:

    Oh crap the Burberry cover Rabe did was for you? Haha nice

  2. bhworld says:

    Yes sir it sure was.
    AGES ago!

  3. bhill19 says:

    diamonds make my valve stems twankle.

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