I will be getting a few parts from GT Spec in a few days.  ( )

First – C pillar bar. Much better than those boring ebay/MEGAN racing C pillar bars. These seem BEEFY. hot.

Second – Trunk Brace. This thing mounts to the floor of the trunk space where the bumper reinforcement goes. I love it. I LOVE braces all over the car. This thing should be pretty cool. Did you know that S15 Silvia comes with a FACTORY trunk brace??? where are the ones for s13 and s14?

Last – A lower brace for the subframe that bolts to the tow link points. You won’t be able to see this just at a glance, but it will be COOL for sure.



Also, I just got paid today, so I’ll be getting some fun stuff from Nissan this week.

5 lug hubs for front and rear. Z32 2+2 e brake cables for the GTR brakes I have. Stainless brake lines for those same brakes, maybe a nice fat Master Cylinder. and I think I might just get some new taillights this week too. We’ll see. I don’t want to go OVERBOARD.

I think I am picking up a NICE dash this week also from a local dude.



Mmmm mmmm


I hope my car turns out nice! (sike, I KNOW it will)

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2 Responses to GTSpec

  1. dousaaaaaan says:

    yes finally a good dash
    world of difference

    i still say put the cages in the center airvent
    og style!

  2. REVGASM_Josh says:

    truth of the matter is…………”you want to go over board, and everyone wants to see you go over board!!!!!!!!!!!”

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