I am getting a bonus from work for selling a Bentley kit to Ken Griffey Jr.

I was supposed to originally get 5% of the price of the kit.

That would come out to about $1900.

Rad. I sold it. So I figured I would get $1900 that would help me buy my new car this week.


So then last week I hear it’s only going to be 5% of the SELLING price.

ok thats shitty, but it would still be $1500. thats fine.

Then I hear I’ll get it from the accountants rather than just a check.

That makes me concerned, but I start looking for my $1500 in my bank account.

Nope. the whole week passes and nothing showed up!

Wait… then I think, I bet they will give it to me at the same time as my paycheck. Well, shit, I HOPE they don’t wait that long.  Alright, fine, apparently thats when I get it. It kind of messes up my whole new car plan, but I guess I’ll put that on hold AGAIN.


Then I think…. hold on a sec. If it comed at the same time as my paycheck… SHIT, I bet they are going to TAX it too. fuck.

So I call the accountants today and get the answer.

YES i get my “bonus” at same time as paycheck.

YES i get my “bonus” taxed.




So the original $1900 I was going to get, will end up really being about $1020.





Yes, this thousand dollars I am getting is nice… for doing nothing really.

but damnit, thats about $9000 less than what I originally THOUGHT I was getting.


that pisses me the fuck off.




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3 Responses to FUCK

  1. Logan says:

    Like I always say, something is better than $0. I’ve never EVER seen a bonus that fat from my work…shit bonuses don’t even exist!

  2. Benson says:

    hey, the man is always trying to keep us down.

    or something like that.

    i hate taxes. wesley snipes was my hero before he got busted.

  3. Brian Harte says:

    I know.
    I am glad I get something rather than nothing. absolutly.

    It’s just tough “losing” the rest of it for reasons that I don’t think are fair.

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