BH 180SX

So, I have wanted to make a sweet 180sx (okay, don’t bitch at me and say it is not a 180sx because it isn’t an authentic Japanese car) for a while now, and I am finally going to.

I’ve wanted to, and expected to, for so long. I’ve bought tons of parts for the car even though I never had one. I just like to buy good stuff when I find deals!



back to now.


So, I just got a nice DMAX hood this weekend for the 180. I’ve liked the Koguchi Power hood for years and years, but never really thought it was going to be economically easy to get one here. Then DMAX comes around and BAM, looks pretty similar. So I got one. nice.

it is kind of strange. They have a weird vent towards the windshield part that needs to be bolted together. ii comes just “hanging” there. I don’t know how much I like it. I wouldn’t mind fiberglassing over it, but that sounds like way too much work. By the way, it is a FRP hood becuase I’m going to paint it anyways.

Cost was pretty damn nice.  🙂   I’m happy.


I also bought a complete set of BNR32 brakes, which I’ve wanted too. I have ER34 brakes right now on the 14, so I didn’t want to put regular Z32 ones on the new car. These R32 brakes look a little different and probably work exactly the same. haha.

They come with calipers, rotors, new rebuild kit, drum assembly, pads, etc.

can’t wait to get them. Going to paint them gold with red letters. BREMBO knockoff!!!!!

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